With the Help of Modest Mouse, Filson Celebrated 125 Years at its Seattle Flagship


Though you might perceive Filson as a very of-the-moment brand, it’s actually one with a long heritage. Launched in 1897, the Seattle-based outfitter specializes in outdoorsy, practical clothing for men—but that doesn’t mean Filson skimps on style. Far from it. It’s this longevity that was celebrated this week, at a 125-year anniversary bash back in Filson’s Seattle flagship shop on Wednesday night.

For the occasion, a group of stylish Filson fans turned up. There was Antoni Porowski (who cut a cool figure in a navy parka) and Rory Culkin and Mordechai Rubenstein in attendance. A survey of the scene (artful displays of beer cans adorned the space, which is designed like an ode to outdoor recreational sports) revealed a crowd of very well-dressed guys. The food on offer came from local purveyors like Cookie Country Chicken and Layer Sandwich Co. hotdogs, plus there was more fare from chef Molly Demers. About midway through the event, the real entertainment began; Modest Mouse, took to a makeshift stage within the shop to perform their much-loved hits. Afterward, everyone all floated on to the after-party, situated at local hotspot Hooverville Bar.

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