Unavoidable Precautions | Every Nebulizer User Must Remember


Where there’s a respiration problem, there’s a nebulizer! 

This improvised proverb is very apt for patients facing COPD, asthma and various other lung problems, but generalizing nebulizers too much is not a good idea at all. Are you or someone you love needs a portable nebulizer machine to deal with the difficulties of breathing? Do you ever pay attention to the precautionary measures while using it? 

Yes, safety aspects are crucial to consider when it comes to frequently using a device responsible for breathing during critical circumstances. The latest models of nebulizers are compact and user-friendly enough to be operated by a kid too. But, that doesn’t mean you let children operate without any adult assistance. These devices are meant for delivering life-saving medicine to your respiration system. Any kind of carelessness can lead a user to serious consequences, so be aware. Next time, whenever you will turn on a nebulizer, keep some important aspects in mind that we are going to discuss below. 


Important Guidelines For Nebulizer Users 

Prescription is Always Necessary 

The first thing to keep in mind is, that nebulizers are not asthma inhalers. They are more complex and customizable as per the requirement of a patient. Nowadays, both nebulizer machines and refillable cartridges are available online to purchase. Don’t misuse this convenience of buying because different medications are prescribed for different health issues by physicians. The most common types of nebulizer medications are:- 

  • Sterile saline solution 
  • Bronchodilators
  • Antibiotics

Inhaling an irrelevant liquid medicine in uncontrolled quantity may cause adverse reactions just like the impact of consuming unprescribed strong pills. For instance, the best portable nebulizer for albuterol drug is good for asthma attacks but a bad choice as an antibiotic. 

Hygienic Maintenance is Unavoidable 

When you are using a device to assist with breathing, consider it a matter of life support. Even minor carelessness is unacceptable when it comes to maintenance after every single use. If the device remains uncleaned and it is vaporizing different types of liquids every time, the results may go the opposite direction. In addition, medicine cups, mouthpieces, tubes and all other parts are prone to contamination. 

Warning:- Use of random medicines without proper cleaning may result in paradoxical bronchospasm or other conditions that intensify the situation instead of helping.


If possible, keep your handheld portable nebulizer for single-person use only. It will reduce the possibility of chemical mixing and contamination. 

Be Aware of Chemical Composition 

The chemical types and their composition in nebulizers differ on the basis of your health issue. Some of the most common chemical names you will read on the label are:- 

  • Benzalkonium Compounds
  • Bronchodilator Agent
  • Edetic Acid

Always be precise on their dosage because consumption in excess is as unsafe as exposing to a toxin directly. 

If you are experiencing dizziness, nervousness or allergic symptoms during or after the use of a portable nebulizer machine, immediately stop its use and don’t panic. Cleanness or chemical mix can be the possible reasons. Contact a physician who can diagnose the issue and suggest the

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