The Audley Is the New London Restaurant Where Sausage Rolls Are Served Next to Warhols


Walk three flights up, and you’ll find the Italian Room and Bar, which is inspired by grand palazzo interiors. Next door is the Swiss Room, which features a European oak floor, separately stained by artisan Ian Harper to resemble a watercolor by Sophie Taeuber-Arp. Venters, who originates from Scotland, admits he has a particular fondness for The Scottish Room, with its tartan detailing by Araminta Campbell, antler chandelier, an oak table featuring 38 Jacobite crockets that can sit up to 25. “I think it’s one of the most elegant tables in London,” says Venters. Rounding it all off is the Games Room in the attic, complete with a card table and a turret ceiling. (All together, they’re called the “Curious Rooms,” and are available for parties, events, and private dinners.)

The staff is trained to explain the art and design to any of those who inquire—but, Venters stresses, The Audley is not a formal environment. “It’s not a museum,” he says. “It’s about the enjoyment and the celebration of food. The art will just naturally expand people’s horizons.”

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