In Their Own Words: 37 Designers on the Spring 2023 Season


[For some time now, Obana’s focus has been on “borderless design,” which he defines as] “being unconstrained by body fit, preconceived notions of design, gender, environment, etc. It can be worn in any era, any generation, without feeling out of place. In conclusion, this is an outfit that you can wear without thinking about anything and one that also makes you feel good and comfortable.”
— Daisuke Obana, N. Hoolywood

Norma Kamali

Photo: Courtesy of Norma Kamali

“There’s no controlling the world situation, the wars, the government decisions that are being made that we don’t agree with. All of that takes a toll. I never thought I would say this in my entire life, that clothes are the answer, but I think we’re at that point, where there’s very little we can do, but we can get dressed.”
— Norma Kamali

Paco Rabanne

Photographed by Acielle/Style Du Monde

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