Creamy Lemon Pappardelle With Crispy Prosciutto Recipe


If there were ever a reliable, fast, and affordable go-to weeknight dinner, pasta would be it. In this case, it’s Trader Joe’s egg pappardelle pasta, which not only cooks up in no time (just 6 to 7 minutes will get you to al dente), it also makes a good substitute for fresh pasta in a pinch.

The easy garlicky cream sauce starts with a cold pan, a touch of olive oil, and some prosciutto slices. After the slices get crisped through and placed to the side to drain, you’ll steep some heavy cream with sautéed garlic and any scraped up bits of prosciutto that might be lingering in the pan. As many great pasta dishes go, the heavy lifter here is the reserved pasta cooking liquid, which transforms these noodles into a glossy little dish. Hand-torn shards of the crispy prosciutto bring welcome texture, salt, and some architectural fun.

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