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We’re ready to declare that this mashed potatoes recipe produces the fluffiest and creamiest side dish around. Opt for Yukon Golds (or russets, but never red potatoes), which are the best potatoes for mashing, and have a rich buttery flavor and creamy mouthfeel. The key is to not waterlog the spuds: Boil potatoes over low heat in well-salted water with their skins on, which helps them absorb less moisture, yielding a silky texture, not a gummy or gluey one. As for those skins, the ricer or food mill will catch them—great news for lazy cooks everywhere. (Want all the pro tips? Watch Andy make them here!) And better still, it all happens on the stovetop, leaving your oven completely free.

If you’re tight on time on Thanksgiving, or any other day you plan to serve this comfort food classic, you can make this recipe a day in advance and tuck it into the refrigerator. And while you’re at it, you could get a head start with this gravy recipe, which goes great with the potatoes, doesn’t rely on turkey drippings, and can be made up to five days ahead. (A dollop of sour cream and some thinly sliced green onions or a little extra melted butter never hurt either.)

If you prefer garlic mashed potatoes topped with some crispy, crunchy bits, or ones made with baked potatoes and finished with a classic chive garnish, we’d understand.

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