BA’s Best Chicken and Dumplings Recipe


This chicken and dumplings recipe sits somewhere in the glorious space between soup and stew, with chunks of tender chicken, just the right amount of vegetables, and super fluffy dumplings. 

There are lots of shortcuts out there for easy chicken and dumplings—recipes that call for cream of chicken soup, Instant Pots, crockpots, Bisquick, rotisserie chicken, and the like—but making it from scratch gives you more control over the final dish and yields a deep, rich chicken flavor. One commenter declared that this recipe made her feel “as if I’ve never, truly, tasted chicken!” 

Start by making the chicken broth in a large pot. Don’t be tempted to trade the bone-in chicken thighs and legs for boneless skinless chicken breasts—cooked chicken breasts can dry out, becoming tough and stringy. We do encourage swapping out the vegetables cooked with the chicken for fresh ones you’ll sauté in schmaltz or melted butter so they’ll still have a bit of bite when the dish is ready. If it’s your first time making drop dumpling dough, don’t fret: The secret to this easy recipe is the right ratio of liquid (buttermilk), leaveners (baking powder and baking soda), and fat (schmaltz). You can sub whole milk and butter if needed. As they cook, resist the urge to lift the top of the pot and let the steam escape. Use the cooking time to make a salad—it’s the only accompaniment needed for a complete meal.

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