Baked Brie Bites With Jezebel Sauce Recipe


For these Brie bites, a staple on the menu at Supperland in Charlotte, North Carolina—one of our 10 Best New Restaurants of 2022—owner Jeff Tonidandel was inspired by the appetizer recipes he used to serve at holiday parties. Supperland’s version features small pieces of melty Brie cheese encased by flaky puff pastry that’s topped with a spoonful of punchy, citrusy sauce.

Chutney-like Jezebel sauce is often made with pineapple and gets a kick from mustard powder. Tonidandel’s version combines cooked orange rind with lemon, sugar, and prepared coarse mustard for a tangy-sweet counterpoint to every rich bite of pastry—seriously, you’ll want to bookmark this sauce to return to in November for a cranberry sauce alternative to serve at your Thanksgiving table. Best of all, using store-bought pastry dough means minimal prep elsewhere, making these puff pastry bites a showstopping entertaining power move that are actually easy to make.

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