37 Butternut Squash Recipes to Cook Now


The best butternut squash recipes showcase the versatility of this bulbous, orange power player. Hearty enough to stand up to any protein or carry a vegetarian entrée all on its own, butternut squash plays well with all sorts of sweet and savory ingredients. Layer it with bitter greens in a meatless lasagna riff, fry it with chorizo for a hearty hash, or cube and roast it for a hefty addition to a lunchtime kale salad.

On the sweeter end of things, there’s this compote with butternut squash, lemon, and dates that does wonders for a bowl of oatmeal. You could also substitute squash for the usual apples to make an unforgettable take on tarte Tatin

No matter which road you choose—and no matter if that road started with a whole squash or supermarket-prepped cubes of butternut squash—this collection of recipes has you covered, from fall to winter and beyond.

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